La Classique
Sugar and Lemon

La Nutella

La Privilege
Nutella and banana
Confiture of your choice
Strawberry, apricot, raspberry

La Crepes Delice
Nutella, banana and mix toasted nuts

La Lune de Miel
Honey and toasted almond

La Bounty
Caramel toffee, nutella and coconut

La French Kiss
Nutella and biscuit



La Parisienne
Ham and grated cheese

La Savoyarde
Spinach, eggs and grated cheese

La Lorraine
Grilled fresh mushrooms, grilled fresh red and white onions and grated cheese

La Nicoise
Tuna melt ,grated cheese and black olives

La Provencale
Grilled vegetables, mozzarella and green pesto

Ham, eggs and grated cheese

Grilled fresh mushrooms, fresh tomato, spinach and grated cheese

Why not suggest a few 'personal' ingredients or recipes? Or even let your guests make their own - it's not as easy as it looks, people often end up with hilarious results.

We also pay close attention to specific health and allergy needs and offer vegetarian options, and welcome special requests.